Fostering Support

When you begin fostering

When a child comes into care we will carefully match their needs to your family and skills. We will contact you with details of the child to see if you are able to provide care. The child’s Social Worker will then visit to introduce you to the child.

Emergency placements may arise from time to time, when a child has to be removed from their home immediately for their own safety. We will discuss with you if you would be open to emergency placements as these may arrive at your home in the early hours of the morning and with very little warning.

The child’s Social Worker will continue to keep in touch with the child and attend regular reviews. You will be asked to attend some meetings. The children may meet up with parents and siblings on a regular basis, if it is considered safe to do so; it is the expectation that Foster Carers facilitate contact.

Your Social Worker will visit regularly and call to support you and our fostering handbook will also be available to guide you. The placement will be reviewed regularly to see what levels of support or training you may require.

Induction pack

As a new Foster Carer, we want to make sure you have a full, clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the children and young people who will now be in your life. Your induction pack will include:


• Quick reference guide
• Bank details form
• Information on ‘SWOT’s’
• Information on the matching process
• A Supervision Form
• A Placement Agreement
• A copy of the Health & Safety checklist

Annual Review
Annual Review
Every year you will have an annual review as a Foster Carer to see how things are going, review your practice, training record and for us to receive your feedback about your experiences.
Further Training
Further Training
You are required to attend a core set of foster care training within the first 12 months from approval. You will also have access to other courses offered by Family Placement Services. Attending training is essential for developing your skills and gives the opportunity to meet other Foster Carers.

Ongoing support

Your main point of contact will be you allocated Supervising Social Worker, they are with you through the ups and downs of being a Foster Carer


The Family Placement Services team are also available every day to support you as a Foster Carer. We will keep you updated on any events we have organised, the training schedule and any changes that will affect you.


Our useful information list includes a list of websites and books which you may find useful.

The Fostering Network

Each Foster Carer has membership to The Fostering Network, the essential network for fostering, bringing together everyone who is involved in the lives of fostered children.

Interested in becoming a Foster Carer?