How can an adoptive parent predict what will happen in the long-term for an adopted child?

The majority of Manx parents would like their children to stay on the Island. They see our way of life as safer and more protected than elsewhere in the British Isles. Their concern for the child [...]

Do birth parents “Interfere”?

Another part of the task of About Adoption is to work with birth parents and relatives and with adoptive parents, to plan in advance what will happen should there be any “spontaneous” [...]

Isn’t the Isle of Man too small for children to grow up in adoptive homes without everyone knowing who they are?

This has proven not to be the case in those placements made so far. In an occasional instance, a child has been identified and comments made by members of the public, sometimes less than [...]

Birth parents and their families have posed a risk in the past? Isn’t that why their children are adopted?

Birth parents lose their children to the care system for many reasons, including mental health problems, addiction, learning disability, domestic violence and deliberate neglect or abuse. These [...]