Will not being able to drive mean I can’t foster?

It is really important that you can meet all of the needs of a child – and this will include transporting them to school, meetings with social workers, and the many other daily and weekly [...]

I’m L.G.B.T. Can I foster?

Sexual orientation and gender identity has no bearing on a person’s ability to provide a loving home for a child, so it’s not a barrier to becoming a foster carer.

I’m single. Can I still foster?

Marital status is not a barrier to becoming a foster carer – so it does not matter whether carers are single, married, divorced or co-habiting.

Do I have to own my house to foster?

It doesn’t matter to us whether you own your own home or are a tenant in rented accommodation. All we need to know is that you can provide a safe and stable environment for a child.

I am disabled so will I not be allowed to foster?

Being disabled does not automatically exclude anyone from becoming a foster carer and it is widely recognised that disabled people can often provide a very loving home for a child. Disability is [...]

Can I foster having no children of my own and no parenting experience?

That doesn’t automatically mean that you can’t foster. Yes, it’s true that experience of caring for children is an advantage – but all parents have to learn from experience and it’s no different [...]