How will they find the right foster family for me?

Your Social Worker will tell us things about you, such as which school you attend and things that you like to do so we can decide which Foster Carers might be best for you. If the Social Worker [...]

When Can I Go Home?

Sometimes, parents have asked us to look after their children while they sort out some problems.  If you are one of these children, you can return home as soon as your parents are able to care [...]

How long will I be in foster care for?

Some young people stay in foster care for a short time.  Other need to stay for longer.  Your Social Worker should give you some idea of long this could be. Your Social Worker will be working [...]

What is a Fostering Panel?

A Fostering Panel is a group of adults that meet to decide whether people who want to be Foster Carers can do it properly.  If they think the answer is ‘Yes’, they will tell Fostering [...]

Who is a Foster Carer?

A Foster carer is someone who looks after children when they have to live away from home.  Foster Carers are specially taught to do this and at the Fostering Panel, it is decided if they are [...]

What is foster care?

Foster Carers are ordinary families who care and will have some understanding of how upsetting it can be living away from your family.  Talk to them about how you feel and they will do their best [...]