Can I/we foster a child from a different ethnic or religious background?

Our aim is to find loving foster families for every child in need of a happy future, even if there is not a perfect match. Ethnicity and religious beliefs are relevant however – and you must have [...]

What happens when the child turns 18?

Many young people in foster care are not ready to live on their own at 18. The Foster Carer can choose to take on a foster child after care (There is a Government scheme in place called ‘Staying [...]

What kind of children need to be fostered?

Children who need fostering are all very different. Some may come from an abusive background, their parents may have struggled to care for them or keep them safe. Some families don’t have a [...]

Can I choose what age of child I foster?

You can state a preference as to which age child will fit into your family, however we ask that this is as broad as possible between 0 and 18 years. You can request to change this range or gender [...]