How can I find out more information about contact?

Please contact us and we will try to help you. This is a very complicated area in adoption, and every contact arrangement needs to be carefully negotiated with the child’s needs firmly in the [...]

What if there are difficulties during face to face contact?

The adoption agency is here to help sort out any difficulties that may arise—and to negotiate any changes in the frequency and nature of contact. For some children, contact may increase over time [...]

When does face to face contact happen?

Face to face contact happens between the child and members of his family where it is important for the relationship to be maintained in a more personal way than just by letter. Occasionally this [...]

Do adopted children get involved in Letter-Box contact?

It is important for the child’s adoptive parents to share the information they receive with the child—when he is ready to receive it. As adoptive parents and the child get to know each other, [...]

What is Letter-Box contact?

This usually takes place between adults, and is set up to provide an ongoing information exchange between adoptive and birth families. Once or twice a year (and sometimes more often—subject to [...]

I’ve heard children placed for adoption nowadays often still have contact with members of their birth family. Why?

Evidence from earlier generations of adopted children (now adults) is that, at regular intervals through their childhood and well into adulthood, adopted people need to make sense of what has [...]