How do I find my adoption records?

Contact us with a copy of your original birth certificate, your adoption certificate and any other information you have or have been told. We have a reference directory which gives us details of [...]

Do I have to have this counselling?

When the law changed and adopted adults became entitled to receive their original birth certificates, many families (both birth and adoptive) who had been assured complete secrecy surrounding [...]

I have heard that I have to have ‘counselling.’ What is that all about?

This is not any form of therapeutic counselling- this is more of a session of advice and information. It is a good opportunity for you to talk about your adoption and make an informed decision [...]

How do I get a copy of my original birth certificate?

If you were born in England and know your original name and place of birth, you can apply directly to the General Register Office (GRO) in Southport: If you [...]

Where can I find out about my adoption?

If you were born or adopted in the Isle of Man, contact About Adoption with as much information as you have already. We may not have your adoption records but we will be able to point you in the [...]