There are bound to be certain rules in your home that will change.  This is because, as foster carers, your parent(s) have to follow certain rules set by Fostering First.  There is normally a good reason for things changing, although it may not seem like it to you.

For example, you may find that it is now expected that you knock on bedroom doors before you enter.  This is to show respect for other people’s privacy.  Foster families may have to be strict about allowing you to watch films that have certain certificates, they don’t know whether this will upset another child.

One thing that might be a big change is that you might have to change the way you dress around the house.  This might mean putting on a dressing gown if you are walking around in night clothes, for example.  Again, this is to make sure everyone feels comfortable – children who come to stay might not be used to things that seem normal in your family, or it may upset them.

Ask your parent(s) what rules will change before you start fostering and ask them to explain things you are unhappy about.

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