You must be over 18 years and have an existing or possible relationship with the child. You could be:
– Grandparents
– Aunt/uncle
– Brother/sister
– Other relative.

Also you don’t have to be a blood relative. You can be a:
– Family friend
– Other relationships
– Unrelated Foster Carer’s.

Prospective special guardians fall into five categories:
– Foster Carer’s who have been approved by local authorities or an independent foster carer who is not connected to the child
– Family and friends carers who have been approved as foster carers by their local authorities
– Family and friends carers who are temporarily approved
– Family and friends who are not caring for a child who is placed with the local authorities or independent foster care providers
– Lastly unknown applicants.

These eligibility requirements are formed in order to guarantee a large group of people with existing ties to the child can apply.

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