‘Contact’ refers to the contact that a fostered child or young person has with their family and friends.  How often this happens depends on a lot of things – some children will see a lot of their family, others may only see them a few times a year.  It is important that they are able to stay in touch – after all, if you had to go and live somewhere else, you’d want to still be able to speak to and visit the people you know, wouldn’t you?

Some sons and daughters of foster carers find contact very stressful.  It can take time for your parent(s) to organise, and may mean that you can’t do the things you want to as a family.

Also, contact can make a child who is fostered feel sad or upset, which might mean they behave badly when they come back.  You may not see the point in continuing contact if it just makes them miserable.  However, try to think how you would feel in that position.  It would be hard to see your mum or dad and then have to leave them again, but this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want to see them.

Try to be patient about contact, and discuss anything that upsets you with your parent(s) or social worker.  It may be possible to change the way things are organised to make it easier to everyone.

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