The thing sons and daughters often find most difficult to deal with is when the children or young people being fostered behave in a way that you wouldn’t.  This behaviour can take many forms: lying, stealing, not speaking, being violent, shouting, breaking things, bed-wetting or being ‘hyperactive’.  If a fostered child is rude to your parent(s) it can be very hard to bite your tongue.

If you feel yourself getting worked up, it can help to go to your room or out of the house to calm down.  Obviously, it is easier to say ‘don’t lose your temper’ than it can be to do it!  It might help to remember that this behaviour is sometimes a result of fostered children being upset or frustrated about being away their family.

If you are finding things difficult to cope with, you should talk to someone.  Also, if you feel uncomfortable about the way someone talks to you, or touches you, you must tell your parent(s).

It is important to remember that children in foster care are all different, just like you are different from your friends, brothers or sisters, or cousins.  Some might be difficult to live with, others you will get on with well.  Not everyone will annoy you!

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