You may be worried that you’ll have to move school when you become fostered.  Almost all children stay at their school when they move into a Foster Family.  If your plan is decided that you will live with a Foster Carer until you are grown up, then you may have to move to a local school.

School is important to every child.  That’s where you learn, not just about different subjects, but also about growing up and what it means.  It is important that you go to school every day.  If you are finding that something is difficult, talk to your Social Worker or Foster Carer about it.  They are there to help you.  At school you will have something called an ‘Electronic Personal Education Plan’ (EPEP).  This plan will say what you need to help you get on better at school,.  You should say what you want from school and if there is any help you need.

If you have been used to going to an after school club, remember to tell your Social Worker or Foster Carer, so they can make sure you can still go to it.

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