Your Social Worker will tell us things about you, such as which school you attend and things that you like to do so we can decide which Foster Carers might be best for you.

If the Social Worker has decided that it would be best for you to leave home quickly, you might be placed with a Foster Family for a few days until another Foster Family is found for you.

We will do our best to place you in a family where we think you will fit in and settle down well.  This is very important if you need to stay with a Foster Family for a long time.

We will try to make sure your Foster Family has a similar ethnic background to you, speak the same language, have the same religious celebrations and share parts of your culture.  If this is not possible, your Foster Family will understand your background and culture.  They will support you maintaining your religious beliefs.

If you are not happy with the Foster Family that you will be living with or are already living live, talk to your social worker about this.  It is very important that you are honest about how you are feeling, so that your social worker can do something about it.

So, after you have moved in with your Foster Family, a Placement Meeting will be held within 7 days.

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