The majority of Manx parents would like their children to stay on the Island. They see our way of life as safer and more protected than elsewhere in the British Isles. Their concern for the child may give birth parents the capacity to stay in the background while their child grows up safely within their adoptive family.

For a minority of children, the experiences they have had with their birth parents have been so damaging or their birth parents’ attitude is so volatile, that it is clear from the outset the child cannot stay on the Island.

For the majority however, there is a need to gather evidence about birth parents and relatives behaviour – both before the child came into care and during the child’s period in care – in order to assess the risk to the child.

This behaviour may be very different to the threat that parents pose to each other or to other adults in the community.

It may also be very different to the way that the birth family have presented to professionals in child protection and contested proceedings.

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