Another part of the task of About Adoption is to work with birth parents and relatives and with adoptive parents, to plan in advance what will happen should there be any “spontaneous” meetings – when out shopping, at public events, on planes or ferries. Sometimes adoptive parents and birth parents meet to discuss this – both, after all, usually have the child’s interests at heart. At other times the agency works separately with the adults involved to look at appropriate ways of behaving when “spontaneous” meetings might happen. To date this has worked well in the majority of cases – and those where there have been “hiccups” are usually resolved because the agency stays in touch with all parties, and is able to smooth over any difficulties that may arise.

The social worker for the child will carry out a detailed risk assessment during care proceedings about whether an ‘open’ Island adoption will be in the child’s best interests. They will work with the adoption professionals at About Adoption to discuss the assessment in terms of the adopters’ needs.

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