It is important for the child’s adoptive parents to share the information they receive with the child—when he is ready to receive it.

As adoptive parents and the child get to know each other, they will be best able to judge the amount of information the child can deal with at any one time.

Some children want lots of information about members of their birth family; some want very little—and this may change as the child grows.

In some instances the child may want to reply with a letter, card or drawing and may be involved in selecting the appropriate photograph to send.

In some cases, the child may welcome cards and letters addressed directly to him—but this will depend on his age, his level of understanding of what has happened to him in the past, and what is written to him by his family members.

The child is also able to ask questions about his birth family and about events he may remember (or half remember) and have those questions forwarded to his birth family for answers to be given for him.

Basically though, the exchange of information is between adults. The adoptive parents use their judgement about when to pass on the information sent.

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