The couple are proud of the resilience and kindness their 14 and 11-year-old have shown since they started fostering seven years ago. The family have acted as emergency and respite carers and have also had one short-term placement lasting a year.

Vicky said: “As a family, we are committed to fostering and you all have to believe in it to make it work. We want our boys to realise even small things like having clean sheets and blankets shouldn’t be taken for granted. They are very well rounded boys and we want them to appreciate how lucky they are. In the future we want them to look back positively on the whole experience.

“Our children have shown themselves to be incredibly resilient, they have been very accepting of having social workers in our house and often they are brilliant in helping to break the ice with children who have come to stay.”

After the couple moved to a larger house they decided to get in touch with Fostering First and since official approval has looked after children aged from four months to 16-years-old.

Vicky said: “Some of the children are very challenging and you need to go into it with your eyes open, knowing things won’t always be rosy. But fostering is very rewarding and it is the little things that matter and make it worthwhile – there is something special about teaching a child their colours and numbers or how to ride a bike.”