Two little, blonde angels came into Pam’s life 14 years ago and transformed it.

Pam, who lives with her husband John, said: “It completely changed our lives; it fulfilled us and brought us together as a family. The girls wanted to be part of a family, they wanted to belong in a home, and to be treated the same as their friends and I knew we were the right people for them.”

The girls are now in their 20’s and still a fundamental part of the couple’s lives. Pam said: “They are our daughters, they call us mum and dad, that was their choice, it just so happens they have two mums and dads.

“Together we have had the fulfilment of watching them develop, when they came into our care they couldn’t use a knife and fork, had little self-confidence and little self-esteem, we are so proud of them both.  You have to stand up for them, so their voices can be heard – you have to really listen to them and often articulate what they want to say to others. It is all about creating good memories for children.

“Teenagers are challenging, you can’t be easily offended, it is an emotional rollercoaster and you have to have a sense of humour.

“They could hardly read and write and were so far behind so when one of the girls stood up to receive her diploma we were so proud of her. They are both beautiful, lovely young women and the things that they can do now are amazing. I can’t believe their resilience – they have found their own way in life and there is still a lot more to come.”