Ann and David are over the moon they are going to be grandparents again – expectant mum, Janice, was fostered by the couple and lived with them for more than 10 years.

“She is 33-years-old and now lives abroad and she called me to say you are going to be grandparents again,” said Ann. “When she came to us as a teenager she was excluded from school but she went on to university. She went travelling and met her husband and they are both happy and have good jobs. It is hugely satisfying to see kids turn their lives around.”

Ann and David have fostered a wide age range of boys and girls for more than 20 years. They had three teenage boys and the house was always full to bursting with their friends. Ann said: “We liked having a house full, we are very family orientated and we thought it would be nice to help other kids. We had no idea there was such a need on the Island for foster carers. Six of the children we have fostered are still very much part of our family and our own children regard them as brothers and sisters. We achieved something with them.”